Streamlined Treatment Process with All On 4 Dental Implants

Melbourne patients, as those from anywhere else who have busy lives and who need dental rehabilitation often prefer a quick ‘makeover’ – a concept some dental professionals resist due to a perceived potential compromise to quality and longevity; as well as complex co-ordination and set-up requirements for their offices. But what if a quick makeover was in fact the treatment that offered better aesthetics, quality and longevity, as well as facilitating oral hygiene , such is the case with All-On-4 Plus?

Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry (CAID) is a purpose-built facility that incorporates all the essential elements to facilitate an immediate smile makeover with All On 4 dental implants, Melbourne style, in the most streamlined fashion possible. From radiological services to assess suitability and options for teeth implants, to operating theatres and on-site laboratory, the importance of our integration of services in an all-encompassing facility is second only to the expertise of our highly experienced team, lead by Dr Alex Fibishenko. An innovator and trademark owner of All On 4 Plus®. dental implants in Melbourne, Dr Fibishenko is an internationally invited speaker on implant and advanced dento-alveolar surgery to dentist and specialist audiences.

Immediate Teeth Implants

In the past, dental implants in Melbourne were performed in 2 stages: the surgical placement of the fixtures, and later the connection of the bridge to those fixtures. The fixtures were left for a period of three to six months to allow them to integrate with the bone. During the healing period, a temporary denture was fitted – this has since been shown to be a contributing cause of bone loss around the fixtures, or even failure due to the pressures exerted by interim appliances on the gums and teeth implants; thus leading to the widespread demise of the traditional 2-stage approach of dental implants in modern Melbourne clinics, and the gain in popularity of immediate loading using modern fixture surface design and special surgical techniques – All On 4 dental implants.

Immediate loading, such as with All On 4 teeth implants, means that the replacement teeth are connected to the implants immediately after surgery, or within days. It is used almost routinely in full set replacement treatments such as All On 4 dental implants in our Melbourne clinic. The rigid connection of the fixtures to each other provides rigid fixation and cross-arch stabilisation, which helps dissipate the biting pressure among the teeth implants; instead of imparting concentrated forces, such as the case with a loose interim denture. With immediate loading, we still have to respect the biological process of osseointegration and further reduce the forces on the fixtures by prescribing a softer diet for a period of two to three months following the surgery and immediate fitting of the teeth implants.

The aesthetics with Immediate Loading and All On 4 teeth implants at our clinic are completely individualised. We start with a detailed work-up that is done in advance of the surgery to design the choreography of your smile. After the surgery, our team of laboratory technicians sets teeth in wax that are then connected to the dental implants, and tried in your mouth for aesthetic fine- tuning.

The Treatment Process for Immediate Dental Implants, Melbourne

All On 4 Dental Implants treatment is typically performed in a space of 2 to 3 days in our Melbourne clinic.

The First Step

A consultation with one of our implant dentists is the first step to explore your options and determine your suitability to receive immediate teeth implants, such as All On 4. At that appointment, the dentist would usually need to take some x-rays to assess the health and quality of your jawbone, and will then go over the process, risks, and possible alternative options before recommending a solution that best fits your budget and individual needs. Provided we have all the necessary information at that time, one of our treatment co-ordinators will prepare a detailed treatment plan with all the relevant fees and will discuss with you the proposed treatment from start to completion.

Once You Decide To Proceed

At your next visit, photographs and impressions are taken to enable our dentist to plan the optimal set-up of the replacement teeth with the laboratory for aesthetics, function and speech. The laboratory then constructs surgical guides that are used at the time of surgery to facilitate accurate positioning of the fixtures according to the work-up.

Day 1 – Surgery

Before the placement of fixtures, any teeth that remain are removed along with any associated infection or disease. The bony surface is further prepared with an alveolectomy procedure, and the dental implants are then placed in the same visit. Any suitable bone collected from the preparation of the bony surface may then be used to repair defects in the jawbone before the closure of the gums with self-dissolving sutures.

The surgery is typically performed under General Anaesthetic or IV sedation, which means that you are asleep and unaware throughout.

Before you wake up, we take impressions of the fixtures and relevant records so that our technician can transfer the work-up that was prepared in advance of your surgery onto the actual fixtures, ready to try in your mouth just a few hours later.

After your surgery and impressions you will be taken to a dedicated private recovery room and can enjoy on-demand entertainment until you are ready to leave.

Day 2 – Try-In

Within 5-24 hours after surgery, which is often still on the very same day, the teeth are set in wax by the technician and tried in your mouth on your dental implants . Any necessary adjustments to the comfort and aesthetics are made as required to your satisfaction and in accordance with our own high standards. You get to see what your teeth will look like on completion before we send the try-in to the laboratory for processing.

Day 3 – Smile

Your final fixed replacement teeth are constructed from durable High Impact Acrylic and are inserted on the very next day designed for high aestheics and function. Other teeth options are available once the implants are intergrated.

To find out more about Teeth Implants options or suitability for All On 4 Dental Implants, contact our Melbourne clinic today on (03) 8845 5400.