Smile Makeover in Compromised Bone using Zygomaticus Teeth Implants

Zygoma4.1_largeIn a very small percentage of cases the bone in the upper jaw may be so severely compromised that the standard approach to full set teeth implants with the All On 4 dental implants method or alternatives involving grafting are simply not feasible.

In such situations we can often rely on the cheekbones to provide support for long titanium rods known as Zygomaticus teeth implants that may in turn provide support for immediate fixed replacement teeth implants.

With Zygomaticus dental implants we are often able to fit immediate fixed replacement teeth without any bone grafting and where there is very little jaw bone remaining. We select our cases carefully as the results with this treatment may be somewhat more compromised in terms of strength and durability, ability to clean, comfort and aesthetics; when compared to treatment that does involve bone grafting, such as All On 4 Plusdental implants in our Melbourne clinic. We offer this only when the potential benefits outweigh the risks.

The benefits of Zygomaticus dental implants are reliable supports for fixed denture in highly atrophied upper jaws and immediate teeth. For more information contact us today on (03) 8845 5400.

Surgical Risks

The operation is conducted in close vicinity to the eye sockets; swelling, bruising and pain is often more adverse than the grafting alternatives. There is a risk of infection or chronic inflammation of the sinus due to the nature of these teeth implants going through the sinus space.

As the rods anchor into the cheek bones they transverse what is often a very thin bone of the sinus. As bone remodelling occurs, there is a risk of creating an open communication between the mouth and the sinus, thus liquid from the mouth could find its way through into the nose. One way to try and reduce this risk is to perform bone grafting at the same time, but it is then no longer a graft-less solution, and as such, alternative methods that might involve bone grafting but may offer a more favourable outcome, such as the All On 4 Plus dental implant method in our Melbourne clinic, should be considered.


Restorative Risks

The rods are placed out towards the cheekbones through the sinus space from the inside of the palate. This palatal placement means that the teeth are cantilevered over the gum and may be associated with:

  • Reduced comfort due to thickness and bulkiness on the inside;
  • Difficulty in cleaning;
  • Inadequate restorative space that may lead to increased breakages. As the rods rely on the palatal bone at the base of the sinuses for stability, an alveolectomy, or the reshaping of the bone to improve the required space for the restoration, is not possible. Thus the prosthesis is often thinner in the back and more susceptible to breakages.

To find out more about your options or suitability for Zygomaticus teeth Implants, or All On 4 dental implantscontact our Melbourne clinic today on (03) 8845 5400.