Multiple Teeth Replacement with an Implant Bridge

singlemultiple_dental_implant_bridgeWhen there are multiple missing teeth that require replacement, a consecutive segment may be treated with a bridge supported by teeth implants. Otherwise, if there are multiple missing teeth that are in different sections and are not immediately adjacent to each other, then these need to be treated with Single Tooth Implants.

A bridge is a connector between 2 structures. Bridges are used routinely in dentistry to replace missing teeth. Conventional bridges are attached to natural teeth that are filed down to make room for its construction. However when the gap is too large, the dentition on either side may not be sufficiently strong to carry such a large span, and teeth replacement with teeth implants is the only solution for a fixed and permanent result.

Like single tooth implants, replacing a segment of missing teeth with implants involves installing 2 or more titanium fixtures into the jawbone at each end of the gap to support a porcelain bridge that attaches to the fixtures. A period of 2 to 4 months is often allowed for osseointegration before we connect the final bridge to the fixtures, but in certain cases we are indeed able to install a provisional bridge immediately. This is known as Immediate Loading.

Cantilever Implant Bridge

In certain cases when there are 2 adjacent missing, especially when they are small or in the front of the mouth, its possible, and in fact quite often desirable, to replace both with a 2-unit bridge supported by only the single dental implant. The adjacent missing tooth is attached to the implant as a catilever.

Gum Aesthetics

The more adjacent teeth that are lost, the larger is the bone atrophy and loss in the volume of the gum and its choreography. Whilst our implantologists are highly experienced in Plastic and Reconstructive procedures for dental implants in order to resurrect that lost tissue, according to our highest aesthetic standards, such treatment can be somewhat less predicatable compared to when this is done for a single tooth. As such, when a significant amount of grafting is required for optimal aesthetics, we may explore graft-less alternatives, such as replacing the lost part of the gum with pink porcelain as part of the bridge itself.

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