Dental Implants Melbourne – Process the Difference

Whether replacing a single tooth, undergoing bone grafting, or enhancing your smile with one of our cosmetic dentists, Melbourne’s Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry differentiates itself from the rest by a streamlined process that can only be made possible through an all-encompassing state of the art facility, and an expert team of Cosmetic Dentists with an aesthetic focus.

The process for getting dental implants in our Melbourne clinic involves a number of steps on our part to ensure predictable aesthetics and function – these are typically addressed in 3-4 appointments:

  • Initial Consultation and X-rays: At your initial appointment our implantologist will perform a limited examination and take the necessary x-ray to determine your suitability for dental implants, and will discuss with you any alternatives that might also be worthwhile to consider, such as bone grafting. Where necessary you might also be seen by one of our experienced cosmetic dentists in Melbourne to determine the health of your remaining teeth, if any, and whether additional cosmetic or general procedures could be of benefit to you so as to meet your desires
  • Treatment Planning: Once you decide on your preferred approach, we prepare an itemised treatment plan and costing of your dental implants or additional treatments such as bone grafting. You will then have a dedicated treatment co-ordinator who will provide you with further information and resources and will be responsible for coordinating your treatment from start to completion. Your Treatment Coordinator will also provide you will all relevant prescriptions and any tests you may need to do in preparation for your surgery.
  • Specialist Anaesthetist Consultation: If you elect to have your treatment under a general anaesthetic, one of our anaesthetists and medical officers will review your medical history and tests you may have had in advance of your surgery. They will consult with you before the procedure to ensure safety and that you are relaxed and fully understand the process before seeing the cosmetic dentist.
  • Installation of Dental Implants and Plastic Reconstructive Procedures: Your surgery will be done in one of our dedicated theatres. The gum tissue will be raised to expose the bone into which the implants will be inserted. If there are defects that need to be repaired, we would generally aim to do this simultaneously with gum and/or bone grafting.
  • Temporary Restoration: Where appropriate, we will fit a temporary restoration to the fixtures. In some cases with bone grafting, this is not possible, but we would still issue you with a satisfactory temporary solution. Our on-site laboratory makes this possible.
  • Impressions: After a healing period of 2 to 4 months we take impressions and the necessary records so that our laboratory can start the fabrication process of your implant-supported crown or bridge.
  • Shade Selection: A shade is selected to be a close match to your natural teeth, or alternatively when many teeth are being treated, we select a shade that works in harmony with you skin and gum tones and one that you might have always desired.
  • Try-in of the teeth: When required we do a try-in of a mock-up in order to determine the final aesthetics before proceeding with the definitive restoration. Here, you will have the ability to see what its going to look like, and make any special requests.
  • Laboratory Fine-tuning: At times we may need to individualise the porcelain work in your mouth. One of our on-site technicians will assist in this regard to ensure the most optimal outcome.
  • Insertion of the teeth: Once the final tooth/teeth are fabricated, you will be back to see our implantologist or cosmetic dentist for the final insertion of your restoration and adjustments as may be required.
  • Review: The initial review is part of your follow up, after which you will be referred to one of our oral health therapists for a regular maintenance program, and radiographic review as required.

To experience the difference of streamlined management of your dental implants treatment by one of our implantologists and cosmetic dentists, contact our Melbourne clinic today on (03) 8845 5400.