Plastic and Reconstructive Procedures with Dental Implants for Improved Outcomes

Dental implants in CAID’s Melbourne clinic offer reliable tooth replacement solutions. However, because of the permanent nature of this treatment we have to make sure that they are placed in a way that makes them look and function like real teeth, as they cannot be easily undone. In many cases, for tooth replacement to be truly aesthetic or look natural, certain plastic and reconstructive procedures, which can often be done simultaneously, are essential for achieving predictable results.

Experience is key not only for the accurate the placement of the fixtures, but also for determining what may additionally be required so as to facilitate a favourable aesthetic and functional outcome for dental implants. At our Melbourne clinic, our focus is embedded in our brand, and with an all-encompassing dental and surgical facility, our highly experienced implant team strives to achieve our patients’ goals in the most efficacious and streamlined manner.

Patients don’t come to us for “dental implants”. Our patients want “teeth” and beautiful smiles, but there is a lot more to a beautiful smile than just having nice teeth. For an aesthetic tooth replacement there needs to be symmetry and balance in the inter-relationship between the teeth, lips and gums. But the loss of teeth is coupled with a loss in the volume of the bones and choreography of the gums – the combination of which in turn affects the support and form of the lips. Restoring the volume of bone and/or the choreography of the gums can be achieved with one or a combination of the procedures listed below:

Bone Recontouring

When there is a higher strain on the healing process, such as that caused by large infections, gum disease and/or numerous missing teeth, the predictability of procedures to resurrect the choreography of the natural gums is reduced, and in such cases it might be more efficacious to consider aesthetic gum replacementwhere the gum portion is incorporated into the design of the bridge. This method is routine in full set tooth replacement with All On 4 dental implants, but can also be used for an implant bridge replacing a segment of teeth. However, even in these cases where the gums are going to be replaced within the bridge design, and despite avoiding additional bone grafting, it is still important to recontour the alveolar bone with a plastic surgical procedure known as an alveolectomy or alveoplasty.

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