Dr Alex Fibishenko BDSc (Melb)
FICOISenior Oral Implantologist
Practice Exclusive to Dental Implants and Reconstructive Dento-Alveolar Surgery Melbourne | Sydney

Dr Fibishenko pioneered the original All On 4 concept in Australia in 2005 and is the founder and conceiver of the widely acclaimed newer All-On-4 Plus concept for immediate teeth replacement with dental implants. He heads our dental implants team at the Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry (CAID) in Melbourne and the Australasian All-On-4 Plus dental implants network. He has been performing dental implants surgery since 1996 and runs a busy and largely referrals based surgical practice in Melbourne and Sydney. He is Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists, an Accredited member of Australian Society of Implants Dentistry, the Clinical and Educational Director of Implant Team Academy and Member of Australian Osseointegration Society and the Australian Dental Association.

Numerous suitably experienced implant clinicians throughout Australia and internationally have adopted the advanced surgical techniques that Dr Fibishenko has pioneered, and which are aimed to improve patient experiences and outcomes of oral rehabilitation with dental implants. He also had a fundamental involvement in developing the restorative and laboratory protocols used today at Omega Dental Laboratory in South Yarra, among other laboratories.

His surgical and restorative techniques and the “All On 4 Plus” treatment philosophy had boosted the popularity and acceptance in Australia of All On 4 immediate teeth replacement amongst many conservative specialists, who have otherwise been sceptical as to the outcomes, risks, contingency and universality in the applications of the original All On 4 and Zygoma concepts.

For his clinical achievements and innovative outcome-driven techniques Dr Fibishenko is considered by many of his peers as one of Australia’s most progressive and leading experts in All On 4 dental implants and dento-alveolar surgery. Under his leadership, many of Australia’s most prominent dentists and specialists have frequented our clinic for training and/or observation of surgical procedures pertaining to All On 4 dental implants and bone grafting.

Having trained and mentored numerous implant dentists and specialists, Dr Fibishenko’s contributions towards raising the bar on expected standards of care, and towards establishing some of Australia’s busiest implant practices, have ultimately lead to improved accessibility for the public to treatments such as All On 4 immediate dental implants, which is now offered in a number of centres in Melbourne and throughout Australia.

Dr Chris Kourdoulous BDSc (Melb)
FICOI Dental Surgeon and Implantologist Cosmetic Dentistry and Dental Implants | Melbourne

Dr Kourdoulos graduated from The University of Melbourne in 1995 and has gained many years experience both in Melbourne and abroad. He has a special interest in Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry and has been placing and restoring dental implants since 2004.

His most enjoyable aspect of dentistry is Full Mouth Rehabilitation cases for patients that have complex dental needs with multiple missing teeth and collapsed bites. “I enjoy helping patients who are in need of a new smile”.

In these cases, it is often comparable to deciding what to do with an old run down house. We either chose to “renovate” (combining tooth removal, orthodontics, dental implants, crown and bridge) or to “knock-down and rebuild” (Remove all the remaining teeth and start fresh using the “All-on-4 plus” solution).

“At the end of the day we all want to feel good. Having a nice aesthetic smile adds to your confidence and a functional bite enables you to eat and taste the food you want. This adds to the person’s quality of life”. Dr Chris Kourdoulos also provides general dental treatment options, including orthodontics, wisdom teeth removal; sleep dentistry and Invisalign no-braces teeth straightening.

Dr Anthony Wasserman BDSDental Surge on and Implantologist Cosmetic
Dentistry and All On 4 Restorative Clinician | Sydney

Dr Wasserman has many years of experience in restorative and cosmetic dentistry and introduced the All On 4 Plus concept to his practice in Chatswood in 2009. He works together with Dr Alex Fibishenko to plan cases, and executes the pre-operative, restorative and post-operative aspects of treatment. Dr Fibishenko regularly travels to Sydney with his surgical and laboratory teams to perform surgery together with Dr Wasserman.

Rod Amsha
Prosthetist and Senior All On 4 Technician Melbourne | Sydney

Rod graduated from RMIT as a dental technician in 2000. He subsequently furthered his education with postgraduate training and became a dental prosthetist in 2007. He worked at Omea ceramics dental Laboratory managing the prosthetics department. Rod received additional advanced training in laboratory techniques for dental implants and all on 4 and was intimately involved with the initial development of the restorative and laboratory protocols for All On 4 and all-on-4 plus under Dr Alex Fibishenko. He is a sought after and skilful technician who travels nationally providing prosthetist services in the area of All On 4 dental implants.

As of 2012 Rod became the sole proprietor of Omega Burwood, and re-named his laboratory to Pro-Tec Dental Laboratory. In addition to working closely with referring dentists, Rod also provides his services as a prosthetist directly to the public.

Specialist Anaesthetic Team

In Australia a specialist anaesthetist is a doctor who, like a surgeon, is required to complete a 6-year university medical degree and several years of clinical residency before being accepted into the 5 year anaesthetic specialist training program. It is therefore almost 15 years from the start of medical training before an anaesthetist is qualified to practice the speciality.

All the anaesthetists at Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry are medically trained specialists with various area of expertise. They also have extensive anaesthetic experience with Dento-alveolar surgery, including dental implants and the special anaesthetic needs of All On 4 Plus immediate teeth replacement. The sleep dentistry anaesthetic department at this clinic is run by our Senior Anaesthetists listed below, who also serve as our medical advisory officers for complex cases and special needs.

Rishi Mehra
MBBS FANZCA Senior Specialist Anaesthetist, Medical Advisory Officer and Director of Anaesthesia

Dr Mehra is a consultant anaesthetist at The Alfred hospital. He is a senior lecturer in Anaesthesia at Monash University and a convener of the Peri-operative medicine short course. Dr Mehra completed a fellowship of cardio-thoracic anaesthesia in Ontario, Canada, and is a diplomate of the national board of echocardiography. His interests include advanced airway management, cardiothoracic and organ transplantation anaesthesia.

Dr Mehra serves as a Medical advisory officer at Centre for Aesthetic & Implant Dentistry, and provides anaesthetic services to adults and children.

To find out more about our cosmetic dentists or a smile makeover with All On 4 Dental Implants in our state-of-the-art facilities contact CAID today on (03) 8845 5400.