Full Set Teeth Replacement with All On 4 Dental Implants

Full Set Teeth Replacement with All On 4 Dental Implants

‘All-On-4’ dental implants refer to “ALL” teeth being supported only ”ON FOUR” implants. The fixtures are spread evenly across the arch, and the back ones are placed at an angle that allows us to overcome bone deficiencies or nerves and vessels that are often found in the back of the jaws, whilst at the same time providing a stable base to support the teeth replacement.

It is not surprising that All On 4 dental implants has for a number of years been the most popular full set teeth replacement treatment in our clinic for patients who wear dentures and want a fixed or more permanent smile makeover from our Melbourne team, or those with deteriorated teeth who want to avoid wearing a plate. The ultimate aim of fixed teeth replacement with All On 4 dental implants is to improve the quality of life, and often also, the self-esteem of these patients. In our clinic, we additionally strive to do so in a most streamlined fashion, achieving high aesthetics and function of a smile makeover in as little as 2 days.

All On 4 dental implants are small fixtures made of medical grade titanium, which are inserted into the jawbone and serve as anchors for the teeth replacement. When a full set of teeth needs replacing, it is not necessary or recommended to place such fixtures under every tooth, – instead, a smaller number of implants can be used to support what is known as an implant bridge.

In the past we placed as many as 6 to 12 fixtures in full set teeth replacement to support the bridge. We did so largely because we were not completely sure if all the implants were going to be successful – so we placed more just in case some failed. But over the years we have learnt that implants do work through osseointegration, forming a permanent and reliable bond to the bone to support the bridge. We have also learnt that the more implants we used, the more difficult it was for patients to know how to clean them, which in turn had an effect on the longevity of their smile makeover treatment.

Today, we use as little as four fixtures to support an immediate fixed bridge. This means, in suitable patients we can deliver not only an aesthetic smile makeover in our Melbourne clinic with fixed teeth replacement, allowing our patients to eat and drink normally with renewed comfort and confidence, but also a solution that is simpler to clean and maintain over time.